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Mentai Nikomi Tsuke-men



Mentai Nikomi Tsuke-men

Rich-tasting mentaiko and over 10 kinds of vegetables are generously used to make "Mentai Nikomi Tsukemen". To get the maximum umami flavor from the raw ingredients, everything is cooked slowly to create the thick dipping sauce. When you dip the chewy thick noodles into the dipping sauce, the taste of umami will spread throughout your mouth. Please come to our shop and try our delicious tsukemen, made from ingredients like no other.​ ​​ ​


​ ​​ ​At our restaurant, we are continuously trying out new ways to improve our noodles by testing the composition, mixing, and kneading methods of the noodle dough. Our restaurant has devised a unique way of manufacturing noodles that incorporates more air into the center of the noodles, which gives the noodles a springy texture and a fluffy center. When our noodles are mixed in with our rich umami-tasting mentaiko soup, we think you will truly be able to sense how elegant the taste is. Noodles that have a lot of air incorporated into their mixture are very delicate. If you can imagine a balloon, where the air slowly dissipates day by day, then it is easy to understand. Because of this, we are very particular about the freshness of the noodles, so we set the expiration date of the noodles very short so that the taste of the noodles is guaranteed to be the same as it was when it was just made, and we also strictly control the temperature and humidity of storing our noodles to 0.1 of a degree.

Dipping Sauce

Mentaiko that is full of rich umami flavor.Because “Ganso Hakata Mentaiju” is a shop specializing in mentaiko in Hakata, the heart of mentaiko in Japan, it is only natural that we use the real thing with our dishes.With just one mouthful, you can experience the full flavor of the umami in the mentaiko because in every cup of dipping sauce, we use one whole skein of Pollock roe.Furthermore, the dipping sauce has dried kelp and flying fish added to it, then it is slowly stewed with up to 10 kinds of vegetables like tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms.With mentaiko as the main element, each ingredient builds up the umami flavor, yet the flavor lingers until the very last drop.

Standard Soup Stock

Our standard soup stock is not only for diluting the dipping sauce, it is also used for adding more umami flavor.“Subtle flavor”, “powerful taste”, “light and refined” are just some of the characteristics our standard soup stock has, and it can accommodate any flavor.It utilizes each ingredient’s strong point and compounds it to the maximum.You should not mix it entirely with the dipping sauce from the start. Rather you should add it by pouring it slowly down the side of the dipping sauce pot while eating. This way you can experience the changes of flavor all the more.

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